The Start

I never was contented in many things, specially of what I am now but I’m willing to share to a yet invisible audience. See my life from these words. Words that were too much for me to speak off, words that were written on paper that soon maybe forgotten.


One thought on “The Start

  1. I finally found the start! I didn’t expect the title to be quite so literal tho. xD

    I think it’s great how you went from no audience to 56 followers and counting.

    I’ve been here since April 2016 but I haven’t posted much so I didn’t really get myself out there, and the fact that I password-protected my blog so my friends couldn’t find it didn’t really help my case. But YOU, on the other hand — you kept posting your works through the years. Awesome. I’ve been too much of a coward to do that.

    Keep on writing!


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