The City Speaks

The last thing that meant something
Washed out of your hands like a great wave flooding
Leaving you hopeless for nothing
As you see his soul with strangers, intertwining

Pathetic thoughts that run inside your brain
It must be so tiring to always be this insane
Now your head has been receiving a migraine
From all your last-minute cocaine

Calm your thoughts and hold your breath
Shaking shoulders as cold disturbed your rest
To loving nightmares you’ve grown obsessed
As you inhaled deeply, ready for cerebral death

Mockery are your tactics, I’ve seen you break so many times
You wander timeless roads to commit dark crimes
Fooled by my light you find it so sublime
I only laugh as you snivel your heart out overtime

Even as your aspirations are in repose
The mask of the murk keeps me close
His promises fueled your dying overdose
Leaving you to rot with the lonely shadows



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