Lonely Voices

Notes flowed from your lips was a sweet harmony I treasured for years. Every tremble, every melody. The songs you sang was out of the ordinary that it made me think like maybe an angel must’ve possessed your mouth. It grew strong in me, as it was my lullaby to my lonely nights, while the monsters beneath my bed halted for a moment so they may dance to the symphony that is your voice. You can tame this messed up head of mine and make it all vulnerable again.

The voice you carry was something I’d always thought to be next to me. The voice I’ve been accustomed with through my days of walking on dead hallways and living under monochrome skies. Running around my head and possibly never stopping. Lulling me back to the time you sung the songs I’ve been singing, the songs no one knew, no one knew but me and you.

Which maybe why it all led to here. To where we stand. The ground that broke us. You despise my soul in hindering forms. You cursed my very existence .Now you may identify me as deaf for my ears had been dead lately.Our scars may not be evident but between this invisible space we’ve created is a cold vast disposition that we can never alter. The lack of your angelic melody wasted me to oblivion. Forgotten by time but most importantly, forgotten by you.



2 thoughts on “Lonely Voices

  1. Honestly, the concept has great potential and you somehow did the job, but I noticed inconsistency with the subject-verb agreement and your verb tenses.

    This was waaaay back in 2016 though, so I figured you’ve been improving through the years. ✨


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