Bonsoir, Lune

Stained cheeks from tears shed overnight. The look in your eyes is too complicated and yet you’ve captivated this dead heart and lost mind. Forget the name who ones took you in after you were soaked by the tears of those sad clouds. Forget what her face is. Remember your past.

My muse, I heard you were looking at the moon. As if finding unanswered questions to try and fix them back again. Never minding the wind in your eyes or the humid air caressing your hair while studying its mysteries. It bothers me sometimes on how you’re too delirious about her, but in a life time, my mouth will stay shut.

Lips forever aligned in her direction along with the stars. You ponder on her charming light and danced so she may finally hear that peaceful rendition of your loyalty and love. While I’m forever broken by the thought of you saying “goodbye”.

The boy from the sea of songs with rhythmic melody, nothing more but a pearl-like glow in the dead night sky. Rummaging his eyes to distract him away from me. Taking him away because of your beauty.



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