A Stranger Kind Of Thing

Strangers from a distance can lead to something more. Yet no intentions of speaking have come to mind, let alone hold hands. Your eyes and your smile that felt enigmatic within me scared me to the skin. Healing an open wound from a past unrequited love this girl had experienced. For months and years I’ve never knew your name, just your face and those black-rimmed glasses that I know will be a source of my weakness. I have counted the days where It crept me dearly on why I see you occasionally on these deadbeat walls and hallways. Maybe my light through the end of the tunnel? The clearing after months of scorching through a never ending labyrinth? Or maybe, I’m just speaking out of my heart again.

Pity the fool in me for assuming things. Thinking ahead will give you a heartache at the end. Still, all I know is tragedy. I might as well give this a chance.


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