Adventure is something he always admired.

The places he’ll go, the people he’ll meet and the things he’ll see excites his every daydream.

Then, a lady came to his life. So young and kind. Always wanting the man to be happy. Always so giving. She’s someone to treasure, but the man knew less and kept on dreaming he’s in another place. Wanting to explore such great things in the world. He’s aspirations were at its tip.

One restless night, the man sat up from their bed. The lady was worried as she sat up also, wanting to know what’s keeping her lover up.

“I want to leave”, the man uttered suddenly. “I want to finally fulfill my dreams”..

The lady stared at her lover’s back.

“Okay…” And with a tiny bit of hope, she continued: “May I come with you?”

“No. I’m sorry.” Nothing more was said.