So Far Gone

Why do you suffer? With that hole in your heart. Why do you love the pain terribly? Letting it control  your selfish brain.

The pain consumes itself as you let it linger with the oxygen you consume. Numbing your senses, so you might as well sleep forever. The world you live in is a big cage of bad decisions, so you prefer to live inside a dream.

Nothing but heartache and obsession, you wrote her plans and poetry, but the woman of your dreams will never desire a man like you or see what you can do.

So you’ve decide to live life as if you’re dead. You made it 30 years and with sad eyes, you let it all take away your breath.

Lady Liberty

Look how Liberty is losing her sense and meaning.

Her bright hopeful eyes blurred by the polluting ignorance

The heroine of uniformity- slowly crumbling

Let the hands of Our Father rise you up and stiffen you still

Let His miracles sweep you and your tears away

In these dark times, be refulgent for the lost  and weary

Vindicate the unclean, wash away the misdeeds

Lead the huddled masses to breathe freely from your air

Avenged the penniless for your hands are hope to them

Aflame the light from your lamp; let us see the golden door