So Far Gone

Why do you suffer? With that hole in your heart. Why do you love the pain terribly? Letting it control  your selfish brain.

The pain consumes itself as you let it linger with the oxygen you consume. Numbing your senses, so you might as well sleep forever. The world you live in is a big cage of bad decisions, so you prefer to live inside a dream.

Nothing but heartache and obsession, you wrote her plans and poetry, but the woman of your dreams will never desire a man like you or see what you can do.

So you’ve decide to live life as if you’re dead. You made it 30 years and with sad eyes, you let it all take away your breath.

Loving An Obdurate Boy

It’s a long road of forgetting the past. When everything was inevitably colorful. Things that lack me today. In the present…I’m not content with this. Tell me, dear boy, why do good people change for the worse? Why is your head driven by naivety? Why can’t you grow up? Look up and see the stars I made just for you to feel enlighten for once. And yet, why are you throwing me away?

I speak with love and adoration, and yet you become earless; immune to my mouth. I may never breach the cavalier walls you build around yourself. I may never know the reason why you left. Simply, all I want is to drift away to a renewed mind where you won’t occupy any of its space.