Screams Over The Horizon

As I walk along the pier

The Norwegian wind

Caresses my face

The creak of the wood

Underneath every step

Touched the soles of my shoes


Relaxed, I was

While the people lived

Amongst the sound of

The sails


Woeful conversations

With laughter and interest

Occupied my attention


I was not alone


And then I witnessed

The descending ball of flames

Oh so slowly kissing the Fjords

Just like old friends


The reflection shines the sky

Every ray of light

Turned this whole world

Blood red

My eminent fear

Crawled up

Hugged my whole being

As I gripped the railing


I Looked up

To see the fire

Covering the azure

While I shivered

My chilly fingers;

Frozen in the moment


From the horizon

To my skin

I felt an ache

To scream


My chest –in pain

My head –insane

The morning star disappeared


I lost sight of the people

I lost sight of the pier

I lost sight of myself


I was alone.


So Far Gone

Why do you suffer? With that hole in your heart. Why do you love the pain terribly? Letting it control  your selfish brain.

The pain consumes itself as you let it linger with the oxygen you consume. Numbing your senses, so you might as well sleep forever. The world you live in is a big cage of bad decisions, so you prefer to live inside a dream.

Nothing but heartache and obsession, you wrote her plans and poetry, but the woman of your dreams will never desire a man like you or see what you can do.

So you’ve decide to live life as if you’re dead. You made it 30 years and with sad eyes, you let it all take away your breath.